The smartest ways to trade using Automated Strategies.

Trading Solutions with Automatic Robo Trading techniques to make your buying and selling profitable.

Supported brokers

  • Aliceblue
  • Angel Broking
  • EnrichMoney
  • Finvasia
  • IIFL Securities

Algo trading

Algo trading analyses every stock market quote and trade, identifies liquidity opportunities, and converts the data into intelligent trading decisions. Algorithmic trading, also known as computer-directed trading, reduces transaction costs and empowers investment managers to control their own trading processes.

Why sit in front of the computer and get into the emotional traps, let the system work for you and trade your strategies.

Incredibly fast

Uses the most advanced low-latency techniques available in the market.

Highly configurable

Multiple settings and adjustable algo formats that can be changed in real-time even while trades are running.

Scalable & efficient

The continuous end-to-end architectural implementation, from code to infrastructure, effectively scales algosworld's systems.

Secure & reliable

Maintains high security as the client authenticate the trades themselves through the preferred broker API using their own customized back-tested strategies.

About Algos World

Algosworld is an automated trading solutions developed by the experts of LPE Consultancy to make trading more convenient to traders.

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